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END OF LIFE - <2012-12-20> Development has stopped. Version 0.4.1 is the last version of the program - END OF LIFE

PSR Registration Shuffler

What is it?

If you're using your PSR keyboard for live gigs you're most probably employing its registration banks for storing each song's panel settings. After some time you might grow quite a large set of registration banks this way. While creating those is quite straight-forward organization is quite time consuming. Especially if you have your banks organized according to your set list and you need to reorder your registrations. That's what the PSR Registration Shuffler has been written for. It helps you to ...

  1. Organize all your registrations on your computer
  2. Have beautiful names for all registrations
  3. Quickly build new registration banks (either one a time or many at once)
  4. Quickly rename and rearrange the content of one bank file
  5. Create and print setlists for your gigs or just your personal reference
  6. Understand the differences between the supported keyboard models

And best of all, it is free - as in freedom and as in free beer. You're welcome to use the program for any purpose you want. You're also encouraged to share it with all your friends. Just give a copy to somebody who might need it. Unlike with many proprietary applications this doesn't make you a criminal and this is what you're expected to do. You might even roll your own application based upon its source code. I mean, why not? (See license for more information on this)

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