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Acquiring the code

Welcome developers. I'm glad you made it here. In case you want to get your hands wet on the code of the »PSR Registration Shuffler« just check out the latest codebase with mercurial. If you happen to have hg installed you can get the code by typing one of these commands:

New version 1.x branch

hg clone ssh://
hg clone ssh://

It's also possible to browse the source online, either on or on my home server.

Old version 0.x branch

hg clone ssh://
hg clone ssh://

Browse source online:

Applying changes

Due to the way mercurial works you can start hacking on the code right away. If you want to have your changes merged you can send them to me via e-mail and I'll be more than glad to check them in for you. Just send a message to <dennis -at->.

Of course after doing this several times the process becomes tiresome. But once I (quickly) see you really mean it, it's of course no problem to grant write access to the repository for you. For that matter you need to create a private key/public key pair with ssh_keygen and send me you public key.

Working on the web page

This web page draws upon a custom version of Erfurt Wiki on which I spent much time to adopt to my needs. (In deed this adopted version has been pioneered by WikiBerd, my personal wiki) Thus many changes to the page can be done online. But some other things might actually need FTP access to the server.

Please get in touch with me if you want to work on the web page. I'll get you ftp and wiki-edit access then.

BTW, you can download the source of this wiki (with all my changes) here.

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