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2008-10-07 (Version 0.3 finaly there)

Many personal events made me refrain from programing and so the long awaited version 0.3 is long overdue. But now the long delay finaly pays off because the new releases contains many more features and many more bug fixes than initialy planed. The enhanced version 0.3 comes with the following extras:

New supported instrument: Yamaha S700; Unsplittable groups of registrations for the batch processor; A new quick edit tab page, A new print/export setlist tab page; A user-friendly window which informs the user of otherwise unnoticed errors; Translations now working in Windows, too (fixed bug); Fixed bug of umlauts and special characters in registration names; Updated German translation; A more convenient Windows package which contains an EXE file to start the program (no more command line in background); Some example files for test-driving the program. Oh and the website has been updated, too.

As always, this is the best release ever and if you're already shuffling, you're kindly asked to upgrade. I'm sure you won't regret. This release will be the foundation for an extensive user-guide which I'm about to write due to popular demand.

2008-08-21 (New program version 0.2)

Simplified the website layout and removed the wiki toolbox. The page should be much easier to navigate and understand now. :) As of today version 0.2 sees the light of day. Compared to it's precedessor it sports a whole lot of new features: Italian language support (Thanks Claudio Bizzarri); Support for five keyboard models (Yamaha PSR-2000, Yamaha PSR-3000, Yamaha PSR-S900, Yamaha Tyros 1, Yamaha Tyros 2); A much improved user interface; or Batch creation of bank files.

Thank you to all those persons who provided test data of their instruments.

2008-08-09 (Windows package available)

Due to the high demand there is now a ready-to-run Windows package available. It contains all files needed to run »PSR Registration Shuffler« except the GTK+ Runtime Environment which needs to be installed only one time separately.

UPDATE: Added missing python25.dll to the Windows package. Existing users can download it from here.

2008-08-08 (Initial program release)

Today the first release of »PSR Registration Shuffler« saw the light of the day. So this was also when this website went live. It's a great moment and I hope the program will be helpfull to as many music-loving people as possible. But for this to come true I need help. Please have a look at Help Wanted! go see what needs to be done.

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