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This page shows how program version 0.2 looked alike. For more recent images please visit the Screenshots page.

Internationalization (multi-language support)

Thanks to its use of well-known open-source libraries »PSR Registration Shuffler« can easily be translated into other languages.

 Main Screen (Italian)
 Batch Dialog (Italian)

The Italian translation seen on this screenshots has been done by Claudio Bizzarri just recently for the development base of program release 0.2. Thank you Claudio.

Cross-platform support

Being written in [python |] the PSR Registration Shuffler runs on many different operating systems. This screenshot shows the program on Windows XP.

 Running on Windows XP

Importing registrations

In order to create new registration banks you first have to import your existing ones to the data directory. Of course you can choose which registrations to import and which ones to keep. You can also change the name of each registration prior to importing. As the following picture shows the user-interface has been re-designed for version 0.2.

 Import registrations

Here's how the data directory looks afterwards. Each registration gets its own file. You can't use that file with your keyboard but you can use PSR Registration Shuffler for assembling new registration banks with it.

 Data directory

Creating new bank files

Once you got your archive straight creating new bank files is as easy as dragging songs from the left list to the right. In order to remove songs from the right list simply drag them back. Or you can or use the dedicated buttons at the right-hand side. Here you can see verion 0.2's UI re-design even better.

Unecessary to mention that you can rename both: Available registrations as well as exported song names. If you change the song name in the right (export) list the original registration remains untouched. You just change the name within the newly created bank file.

 Creating a new bank file

When you got it just hit "Save" and store the file on a disk and load it into your instrument.

 Saving the new bank file

Batch Creation

Not only does version 0.2 bring support for five keyboard models it comes with a new, very useful feature, too: Batch creation. This makes organizing your registrations a breeze. Choose what order you want and the program will create all needed bank files ready to use on your instrument all alone. You can choose between:

  • Alphabetical oder (ascending)
  • Alphabetical oder (descending)
  • Random order

 Batch Creation

Keyboard Information

Version 0.2 sports another brand new feature: The keyboard information page collects information about all supported instruments during program start-up and and gives a quick reference.

 Keyboard Information page

About the program

What would be a program which doesn't tell you where it's from? As of version 0.2 this page also shows credits.


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