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The PSR Registration Shuffler runs on any operating system where Python and the GTK+ toolkit are available. Simply pick your operating system and follow the instructions below. All files can also be found in the download directory.

WindowsMicrosoft Windows
Version 0.4.1, 32-Bit
Older versions
Mac OS XApple Mac OS X
Not available
OthersLinux & Others
Version 0.4, Source
Version 0.4, Others
Older versions

Microsoft Windows

The Windows version comes with an easy to use installation program. The PSR Registration Shuffler can be installed to any directory, just follow the instructions of the installer. Old versions of the program which didn't come with an installer (prior to 0.3.2) need the GTK+ Runtime Environment to be installed separately. (Get it here). Newer versions don't need this anymore.

Versions before 0.4.1 need the msvcrt71.dll in the directory c:\windows\system32. Starting with version 0.4.1 this file is shipped with the program. If you can't start the program please download the file here.

This program needs at least Windows 2000 in order run. The installation takes about 33 Meg.

Apple Mac OS X

Currently there is no dedicated Mac version of the program. There are plans to provide one for version 1.0, however. But this requires your help, since I don't own an Apple computer. Meanwhile you need to download the source version of the program and install all needed dependencies yourself.

Linux & Others

Since the PSR Registration Shuffler has been written with Python and GTK+ it's possible to run it on any operating system where those packages are available. Currently the program has the following dependencies (they will change for version 1.0, however):

The development systems are Ubuntu and Debian Linux. But other systems should just work as well.

After all dependencies are installed, there are two ways to run the program. The current 0.x branch still allows to run it without installation. Simply unpack the source archive into any directory and run the following command:

$ ./start_dev_version

Starting with the version 1.0 the program needs to be installed in order to be run. For a system-wide installation run the following command:

$ ./ install
$ psrregshuffle

It is recommended to use virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper, however. Here is an example:

$ mkvirtualenv psrregshuffle
$ ./ install
$ psrregshuffle
$ deactivate

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