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Creating new bank files

Once you got your archive straight creating new bank files is as easy as dragging songs from the left list to the right. In order to remove songs from the right list simply drag them back. Or you can or use the dedicated buttons at the right-hand side.

Unecessary to mention that you can rename both: Available registrations as well as exported song names. If you change the song name in the right (export) list the original registration remains untouched. You just change the name within the newly created bank file.

 Creating new bank files on Linux

 Creating new bank files on Windows

Once you're finished press "Save..." and you're ready to get your new bank files to the instrument for playing.

 Saving a bank file

As of version 0.2 onwards there's a handy batch processor included which helps you to create a large staple of bank files at once. It does all the dirty work for you when it comes to one of the following:

  • Sort registrations by alphabet (ascending)
  • Sort registrations by alphabet (descending)
  • Shuffle registrations in random order

Since version 0.3 it's assured that registrations which go together won't be teared apart - even in random mode. Provided they all share the same name except the last few characters which keep them in order.

 Batch processor on Linux

 Batch processor on Windows

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